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...to the ones who seek a deeper practice of slowing down, sustainable living, and restful being.

...to the ones who desire a yoga practice that leaves them feeling empowered rather than dependent on the teacher, and that nourishes rather than feeds the daily haste.

...to the ones who wish they could continue that post-yoga feeling into their day - rather than keeping it to a 90min class once per week.

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Hi there, I'm sarah —

I help the hustle addict find a way to rest amongst the chaos of life

Sarah is an ecologist-turned-yoga teacher who shares her time between facilitating yoga and breathwork, and guiding wildlife experiences for the nature-and-adventure seekers.  A curious student of the world, the traditions of yoga, and the wisdom of the earth, Sarah is trained in vinyasa flow and pranayama (yogic breathwork), with university degrees in ecology and psychology. Her teaching is an ever-evolving true expression of her own practices, learnings and exploration of traditional yoga, modern movement culture, and earthly life.

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Breathe Better

A workshop & practice series for deep embodiment and exploration of your most empowered breath practice yet. 

exhale - coming soon

Live Slowly

Explore slow living and embody a sense of restful action, boundaries and nervous system awareness.

rest - coming soon


Embody wellness and self-healing tools, applicable for everyday life. Connecting back to self, nature, culture, and community amongst the natural surrounds of remote South Australia.


“I really enjoy your enthusiasm! Your knowledge of all the yoga poses and breath techniques, but I also love your interesting tips and more in-depth knowledge sessions...” GE

“I’ve loved your classes because they are so unique from any other yoga or meditation related classes I’ve had before…” DB

“I appreciate how welcoming you make each class and your ability to make me feel totally at ease with no pressure or expectations.” CN

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Sarah Hayes Yoga commits to more than *just* guiding yoga, breath and slow living...

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