The Daily Slow Living Devotion

In a world full of increasing pace and to do lists, a space to show up and slow down is revolutionary.

Immerse yourself into an online collection of practices, prompts and ponderings for slowing down, grounding back in, and coming back home to yourself, over and over again.

Tap into micro-practices that help you to integrate daily ease and community to support your practice and transition into the slow lane of life.

  • Daily-ish practices, prompts & ponderings; to be used daily, every-other-day or once in a while. There is no pre-requisite, must-do or have-to aspect to this...dip in and out as much or as little as you like.
  • Access to the Slow Living Community Page; other like minded slow-souls and me, your own personal rest cheerleader. Share slow wins, curiosities, and ask Qs - we're all in this together.
  • BONUS practice; because 5 days of slow living is great...but 6 days is even sweeter ;)
  • Investment required; your time and daily-ish devotion. Anywhere from a few minutes to 15mins...that's all you need.

Not sure if you have the time?

This is not a course and you do not need to ‘achieve’ anything. This is about achieving LESS, and letting the un-doing and no-thing be your goal. The ‘devotion’ is your own pledge to yourself to make time (just 10mins!) in your day/every other day, to devote to your body, mind, soul. Slowly you may find that it becomes easier to devote on a more daily basis, or even twice daily…(it is afterall, only 10mins per practice!). Start slow, start small, build from there.

The content will be available forever(ish), so don’t feel pressured to get it all done asap!

  • Why free? I'm celebrating 12+ months of the Slow Living Studio (yay!) - a labour of love, an online studio of practices, resources and tools for accessing a slower more rested life - which I have LOVED building and sharing, and I whole-heartedly believe in the immense power of I wanted to share more rest with you. When we can slow down, we can access SO much more - awe, gratitude, presence, feel-good-ness, spaciousness, breath, alignment, calmness, joy, deepening relationships, boundaries...the list goes on...and on...and for yourself what more you could find, if you slowed down too...

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