Transform yourself from overstimulated, overwhelmed and over-committed, to abundant, aligned, and awake. An ever expanding and evolving online collection of practices and resources for slowing down, grounding back in, and coming back home to yourself, over and over again. 

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In a world full of increasing pace and to do lists, a space to show up and slow down is revolutionary. The Slow Living Studio is like a decadent mug of creamy cacao on a cold stormy day, a slow spacious breath in-between the chaos, and a really good stretch after a long tiring week. This is your antidote to the hustle and pace of today's world.

studio faves:

"My go-to practices are definitely the 20-30 min ones with the Mindful Movement Breath Flow & Handy Breath Flow and the Summer Body Antidote (love them, and sometimes do them twice a day!)...I love being able to go back and re-do the classes at my own pace."

how these practices work: 

"My job, like so many jobs, is fast paced and demanding with high expectations. I notice during your practices that I can release unconsciously held tension in my upper body. I really notice the difference not only physically but mentally when I take these opportunities with you to practice and give that hour wholeheartedly to myself."

Why you'll love this studio:

  • practices to fill your cup in-the-moment, but also teach you 'how to' for later.

  • clear explanations so you don't have to worry about whether you're getting it 'right or wrong'

  • a whole library and community at your fingertips (studio app for download!)
  • classes to suit all bodies and levels of experience, beginners welcomed always.
  • the ability to practice anywhere anytime with classes on-demand

  • library updated seasonally, so you don't feel overwhelmed with new content each week

  • pre-recorded classes only, so you don't end up feeling overcommitted (and then guilty!) to all the weekly live sessions that keep getting added to your schedule
  • a community to help keep you accountable and supported on your slow journey

  • practices that center feeling GOOD and slowing down, to help you transition from overstimulated into grounded and at ease.
  • practices and community that constantly remind you - you are not alone in needing rest, wanting to slow down, and desiring a pleasure filled existence of presence and connection.
  • a percentage of annual profits go towards 'Pay the Rent' and other environmental/social causes.
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  • Full studio access.
  • Access to an online Slow Living community and support.
  • New classes added seasonally.
  • 24/7 access to 30+ on-demand video/audio practices, theme-specific and general.
  • a percentage of your membership goes towards 'Pay the Rent' and other environmental/social causes. 


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  • includes everything in the Grounded membership!

For those currently feeling financially challenged. You can choose to pay anywhere from $1 - $29 in this membership option.

"For me, this is a game changer. In the fast paced society that we all find ourselves in today, I am so grateful to have a resource that I can come to any time of day, as many times as I need, for an opportunity to reset and take care of me. I truely believe it makes me a better human."

"I have learnt so much from your various courses & practises. I love learning from you and your knowledge is incredible and so valuable. Your seasonal practices are great in the way that they help to set a routine so that we can ingrain these practices long term to help make us the best people we can be and to educate our children this way of life."


Sarah's Story:

For years I felt guilty about resting, moving slower than everyone else, ‘doing nothing’ and prioritising self-care and me-time

Especially when...

  • that was labelled as lazy, selfish, privileged, or a waste of time and space.
  • being busy, productive, multi-tasking and over-occupied was valued and celebrated.

I was confused when my employers would consistently urge me to work harder and faster...

Even when it meant at the expense of my nervous system, capacity for actually working ‘well’ and left me feeling exhausted and unsatisfied with my job.

But I kept going, because I thought "well, no one else is questioning it so I must be wrong to think like this..."

In amongst an adrenaline fuelled and fast paced workplace...

I had to master the art of resting amongst the chaos, of slowing down - even as everyone and everything was speeding up around me.

I knew that resting and me-time was totally and utterly valuable to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual care.

But, at the same time, with society constantly telling me NOT to rest, I kept questioning whether I was really prioritising my time (and life!) right. To rest, or not to rest?...


I choose rest...

The truth is

in a world as disconnected as the one we live in with all of its productivity, attention economy, and extraction...

we need community, support and guidance in our quest to unlearn and re-member our right (not privilege) to rest.

This is your reminder, your homecoming, your return to a rested, present, and thrivingly abundant self.

Welcome slow rebel, to the Slow Living Studio. 

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how do you feel bout the studio?:

"It’s a place I can go from anywhere, any time of day to slow down the pace and give time back to myself."

if you could change anything about the studio, what would it be?:

"I love it all!"

"Your content is excellent I cant think of anything I could suggest to change."

ok, enough said 🙃 

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